Get Out Alive!

TED® - Target Exit Device® by TEDCOR LLC

TED® can significantly reduce firefighter Line of Duty Death (LODD). TED® is designed to save the firefighter's life in heavy smoke by continuously emitting a unique sound which identifies the EXIT. By using the EXIT DEVICE as a TARGET firefighters can get out of the structure as much as 5 times faster.

We proved the value of using an electronic target in extensive ESCAPE testing.  Starting with the FDNY and followed up with SMOKE HOUSE and LIVE BURN testing by fire departments in Florida and Maryland in 2007, we proved that TED® gets you out at least 5 times faster!  Until TED® there was no reliable means for a lost and disoriented firefighter to find his way out of a heavy smoke-filled structure. Time is the critical factor.

Rapid Intervention Teams can definitely benefit from TED®. See what the experts say. LODD caused by smoke, disorientation and low air is now preventable. TED®, time and decisive action make the difference.

Intensive Hands On Training Seminars conducted by Assistant Chief Butch Cobb during FIREHOUSE EXPO 2007 in Baltimore used TED® In a very high-noise environment TED performed exactly as advertised. "Blind" Search Rope Teams were able to find their TED exit immediately, and Smoke House training confirmed: TED® "Gets you out alive! This is a great tool for RIT operations!"

TED® is affordable. The TED® unit is a fraction of the cost of one set of turn out gear and every firefighter is able to use the same device at the same time. TED® makes it possible to save many firefighters at a fraction of the cost of one Turn Out Suit. Email us and ask how we can save you money on discounts and benefits!

TEDCOR LLC manufactures our patented TED® - Target Exit Device through an exclusive licensing arrangement with Sensata Technologies of Maryland, a company world renowned for precision electronics of the highest calibre of safety and life-saving DoD equipment. Made in the USA!

An Exit Locator for Lost and Disoriented Firefighters

The Target Exit Device®
New TED® 2007 Technology
These experts are showing you the reasons why TED® is able to get you out of the structure "5 times faster" than any other exit techniques. TED® builds confidence and puts manpower to better use!
The TED® video and the animation piece may seem "dated" but they are a clear and forceful explanation of exactly how TED® works on the fire ground.

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TED® is a new tool in fireground safety. The TED® unit consists of a loud horn in a rugged enclosure with a high intensity strobe light. It is placed at the intended EXIT location by firefighters as they first enter the burning structure. (See photos above.)

Every eight seconds, TED® emits a short series of penetrating tones for two seconds. During these two seconds the TED EXIT TONE tells firefighters where the exit is regardless of their constantly changing location inside the structure. During the eight second period TED® remains silent, leaving time to give and receive voice commands or listen for victims.

Should an EVACUATION be necessary TED® will stop the locating tone and activate the ALL OUT TONE. Your Department SOP will determine whether the IC or an interior firefighter team leader is the one to activate this alarm. Activation is immediate once the decision-maker presses the digitally coded hand-held transmitter unit. TED® saves lives!